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Information Sciences and Technology (ISTBS)

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The Information Sciences and Technology Bachelor of Science (ISTBS) degree program helps organizations achieve strategic goals by bridging technology solutions with user requirements. This includes skill sets in project management, programming, entrepreneurial thinking, social understanding and application development. All options within the ISTBS major require the successful completion of MATH 110: Techniques of Calculus I or MATH 140: Calculus With Analytic Geometry I; STAT 200: Elementary Statistics; and IST 230: Language, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics. Within the ISTBS major, students choose one of three unique options and take an additional 9-12 credits of prescribed coursework for that option, which offer a specific skill and knowledge area in the information technology field.

Options in the ISTBS degree program include:

Design & Development (ISDEV)

Design & Development (ISDEV)

Students learn how to design software and integrate information technologies to meet a group of people's specific need. They work on projects such as developing applications for iPhones and other devices.

Integration & Application (ITINT)

Integration & Application (ITINT)

Students examine how IT can enable and support how work is accomplished within and between businesses. They work on projects such as designing a software application to store genetic information used by scientists.

People, Organizations, & Society (ISPP)

People, Organizations, & Society (ISPP)

Students explore how technology impacts organizations and society. They will study how businesses and other organizations use technology in their processes.


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