Requirements, Plans, and Forms - B.S. in Enterprise Technology Integration

Entrance to Major Requirements

To enter the Enterprise Technology Integration major, students must meet the entrance to major requirements below based on the semester that they entered the University. Once all entrance to major requirements have been met, learn how to declare your major by using the Update Academics feature on your LionPath account.

  • Achieved a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA
  • Completed or are currently taking entrance to major courses
  • A grade of C or better in each of the following courses:
    • IST 110/110S or CYBER 100/100S or HCDD 113/113S
    • IST 140 or CMPSC 121 or CMPSC 131
    • IST 210
    • IST 220
    • IST 242 or CMPSC 122 or CMPSC 132
    • STAT 200 or SCM 200

Suggested Academic Plan and Prerequisite Flowchart

Suggested Academic Plans are based on a student’s semester of entry to Penn State and serve as a guide when scheduling courses. Students should work with their academic adviser and run “Academic Requirements” and “What If” reports in LionPATH to ensure that they are staying on track for graduation.

Prerequisite flowcharts visually represent the major's suggested academic plan including course prerequisites and sequencing. The flowcharts are intended to be used as a planning tool along with the Bulletin Suggested Academic Plan and the LionPath What-If and/or Academic Requirements reports.

Application Focus Areas

Within the Enterprise Technology Integration major, students must take a series of courses in one of the application focus areas listed below or work with their academic adviser to create a custom focus. Application focus areas allow students to develop more specialized knowledge in a specific domain. All 12 credits must be in the same application focus area. Course requirements and additional information for each area can be found on the University Bulletin. Please note, that Application Focus Areas can be found by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the Suggested Academic Plan page.

Required Internship

All undergraduate students in the College of IST are required to complete at least one internship before graduation. Please review provided resources and plan early.

For specific information and resources related to the internship requirement, which includes enrolling in the 1-credit IST 495 course, contact the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement. The Career Resources webpages provide information to assist you in determining your major and career goals. The Discovering Your IST Career Path and Past Student Internships pages may be especially helpful in exploring your major.


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