Thank You Letters and Follow Up

It's important to remember that the interview process doesn't end when you walk out the door. A critical, and often overlooked, step in the interview process is the follow up. Sending a thank you note can make the difference between landing the job and not.

Follow Up Best Practices

If you don't hear back from a company right away, don't panic. Every organization has a different recruiting timeline and the process can often last for weeks.

  • Ask the recruiter when they expect to have a decision.
  • If that time frame passes and you haven't received a response, it is acceptable to reach back out to the recruiter. You want to stay in touch to confirm that you are still interested, but avoid being pushy or emailing too frequently.
  • If you're unsure when to reach out or what to say, contact the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement for assistance.

Thank You Letters

Remember to send a thank you note to the representatives that you met with.

  • Be sure to ask for business cards or contact information before you leave the interview
  • Avoid sending rushed thank you letters, as it appears as if you are just completing a task. Be thoughtful in your follow-up. Express your thanks for the opportunity and reiterate why you would be a great fit for this company and position.

In your thank you letter, be sure to:

  • reaffirm your interest in the company/position
  • recap what you mentioned in the interview as to why you are the right fit
  • thank them for their time and consideration

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