Research Areas

Faculty, students, and scholars conduct transformative research across a broad spectrum of human activities at the intersection of information, technology, and society. We strive to produce scholarly insights that facilitate the discovery, capture, retrieval, security, privacy, and connectivity of various forms of information as they relate to human and global challenges.

As one of the leading information schools in the country, it is our purpose to drive innovation and discovery in understanding interdisciplinary science and the nature of information, putting information science knowledge to use in building humanized technologies, and assessing how the social and organizational context of use influences and sustains information growth.

Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

Advancing the capacity to model intelligent behavior and harnessing, applying, and integrating the insights of big data to our world.

Human-Computer Interaction

Creating and evaluating interactive systems and studying the affective aspects of user experience.

Privacy and Security

Detecting and removing threats of information misuse, enhancing predictability and trust, and understanding online privacy.

Social & Organizational Informatics

Exploring the impact of information communication technologies on societies and in work design and effectiveness.