Annual Giving

Annual gifts provide critical support to many of the College of IST’s core programs and functions. This unrestricted support ensures the college can meet its immediate needs while also providing new opportunities and advancing strategic initiatives. Individual contributions add up to make a profound difference in our community, ensuring that the significance of your gift far outweighs its size. Below are a few areas where your gift can have the most impact.

Areas to Support

College of IST Future Fund

Non-endowed funds that cover unanticipated opportunities and urgent needs of the college.

IST Alumni Society Board Endowment

A pooled endowment created to support student programs within the college.

IST Diversity/Outreach Programs Fund

Non-endowed funds that support student activities and programs overseen by the Office of Inclusion and Diversity Engagement.

Dean’s Discretionary Fund in the College of IST

Unrestricted, non-endowed funds focused on supporting the college’s highest priorities.

IST Alumni Trustee Scholarship

A pooled endowment that provides need-based scholarship support to undergraduate students.

IST Scholarships

Non-endowed funds used directly for need-based student scholarship support.

College of IST Alumni Society

Non-endowed funds that support the activities of the College of IST Alumni Society.


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