Associate Degree Internship Information

Students earning the Associate in Science in Information Sciences and Technology through Penn State World Campus have two options for completing their internship requirement.

Internship Class Options: IST 295A and IST 295B

IST 295A Internship Project Class (Summer Session Only)

Students can complete this option by enrolling in the class via LionPATH. See full class details in the Penn State Bulletin.

Please note: this class is not approved or managed by the IST Career Solutions Office.

IST 295B Internship Experience Class

Students taking IST 295B are required to find a supervised internship experience with a minimum length of 150 working hours that is aligned with their degree. This can be either a traditional internship position or a full-time position that a student currently holds that aligns with their degree.

In addition to the internship, students will complete assignments via Canvas for the class. Grading details for the internship can be found here.

Registration and approval for registering for this class is facilitated by the Office of Career Solutions and follows the registration process found here.

Interested in Earning a Bachelor's Degree?

Associate degree students who are planning to earn a bachelor's degree in a related IST program should consider completing a 300-hour internship through IST 495. Doing so will meet the internship requirement for both the associate degree as well as the future bachelor's degree.

Meeting with a career coach in the College of IST's Office of Career Solutions to clarify any questions or gain additional information is highly recommended.