Student Organizations

How do you make the most of your time at IST? Ask any student, and you’ll likely get the same response: get involved! Joining a student organization is a great way to enhance your learning experience, connect with other students, and network with potential employers.

Current students can take advantage of Penn State and IST resources to expand the reach and impact of their initiatives, including funding, marketing, and programming opportunities.

If you’re interested in starting a new student organization for IST students, follow the guide for starting a new student organization and contact the Office of Student Engagement to take the first steps.


IST Student Organizations

Association for Women in Computing

Attract and retain more women and non-binary students in College of IST and similar STEM majors by providing an open environment to find support and ask questions free of intimidation.

Bits and Bytes for a Fight

Bits and Bytes for a Fight strives to bring the IST community together to support the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) and the Four Diamonds Fund. Through close partnerships among students, alumni, faculty and staff in the College, Bits and Bytes will inspire hope by providing emotional and financial support.

Competitive Cyber Security Organization

The Competitive Cyber Security Organization (CCSO) aims to educate those involved on current cybersecurity methods and practices and facilitate an informative environment where students from all educational levels and backgrounds can master safe computing practices. The club hosts trips to cybersecurity conferences and competitions locally and nationally where members can practice what they have learned. Members are not required to attend these competitions, but they are encouraged to continue learning.

Cyber Certifications Club

The Cyber Certifications Club provides opportunities for students to earn Security Plus, CCNA, and other valuable certifications by facilitating pre-test education and testing resources to its members. These certifications enhance the academic degrees earned as a Penn State student.

Developer Student Club

Dedicated to exploring software, programming, and the cloud. Members build their professional network, get access to Google developer resources, and work together to build solutions for local problems in a peer-to-peer learning environment.

Fundamentals of Computing Association

Connect with companies and alumni through project-based learning to prepare to meet the demands of real-world careers.

Gamma Tau Phi

The purpose of Gamma Tau Phi is to recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, and service among students enrolled in the College of Information Sciences and Technology. The Society strives to develop skilled, motivated, and ethical future leaders in the field of information technology. Students with high academic merits have the opportunity to network and attend special events together.

Learn more: Gamma Tau Phi

IST Career Development Organization (ICDO)

ICDO seeks to empower students with the knowledge, resources, and connections needed to succeed in the industry. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world success by connecting students with recruiters and providing them with the skills necessary to achieve their career goals.

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IST Consulting Group

The IST Consulting Group focuses on the real life of consultants, going beyond the classroom experience. Students with an interest in the consulting field get together to work on consulting projects within the community and learn from current consultants about what life is like in the industry.

IST Living Learning Community

The IST Living Learning Community is available to students who would like to live among other students with similar interests. By immersing students in the College of IST in an environment conducive to interaction with one another, students are able to assist each other with school work and build lasting friendships both in and out of the classroom.

IST Undergraduate Student Council (ISTUSC)

The IST Undergraduate Student Council (ISTUSC) is the official voice of the student body to all faculty, staff, and administration. Students are given the opportunity to express feedback and discuss all matters surrounding any aspect of the IST experience and the general student population. The ISTUSC serves to build a culture of learning and leadership that is expected of tomorrow’s leaders.

National Security Club

The National Security Club provides professional development and career readiness information regarding Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies through recruiters, professional speakers, and other representatives of various agencies and backgrounds.

Nittany AI Student Association

Help students become leaders in technology by engaging them in real-world problem solving and technical presentations.

Nittany Data Labs

Nittany Data Labs provides students with education, exposure, and experience in data science. It provides a comprehensive training program to teach and provide the tools and framework for students interested in better understanding data science, both in the fundamentals and in state-of-the-art techniques. After completing the internal training program, the club shifts to providing real corporate and research projects for students to test their skills. By building a community around data science, we hope to grow the field here at Penn State.

Learn more: Nittany Data Labs

Nittany Entrepreneurship Society

Expose students to new entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities through workshops, speakers, and career fairs.

Order of the Sword and Shield

The Penn State chapter of the national academic and professional honor society for all homeland security disciplines.

Red Cell Analytics Lab

The Red Cell Analytics Lab promotes the research, practice, and application of structured analytics, critical thinking, and visual analytics. Through collaborating with University and external partners, the RCAL strives to bring real world problems into the hands of students to enhance analytic output.

User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) – Penn State Chapter

UXPA at Penn State connects students to the leading international professional association through local educational, professional, and practical opportunities including project management, design, development, and other user experience practices.

Wiring for Innovation and Racial Equity Development Inter-Network (WIRED IN)

The Wiring for Innovation and Racial Equity Development Inter-Network (WIRED IN) unites students from underrepresented backgrounds in the College of IST, provides a supportive network that fosters an inclusive environment, and offers professional development opportunities for the success of the student body.

Learn more: WIRED IN

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)

The official student chapter of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) at the University Park Campus is a community of women, allies and advocates dedicated to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in cybersecurity. Get a chance to network with peers and professionals, attend tech talks, be part of book clubs and so much more!

Women in IST (WIST)

Women in IST (WIST) promotes a sense of unity among the women of IST by offering networking opportunities, career resources, community and academic presentations, and leadership training. The organization strives to support the recruitment and sustained interest of women in the College of IST, ensuring that female students and faculty members are equally and actively involved in all aspects of education and in the rapidly changing world of technology.