Undergraduate Independent Study

Independent study is offered through CYBER/DS/HCDD/IST/SRA 296 for first- and second-year students, and DS 396 and CYBER/DS/HCDD/IST/SRA 496 for juniors and seniors. It is designed for students to undertake creative projects, including design projects or research papers, on topics not already covered in standard courses.

The student’s individual work must be supervised by a faculty member. The student is responsible for finding a College of IST faculty member willing to serve as the instructor. Students complete the appropriate form with the instructor and then set-up an appointment with their academic adviser to review the application.

Required Documentation

Students wishing to pursue independent study must complete the appropriate request form below:

In addition, the following materials should be included with the request form:

  • a syllabus from the sponsoring faculty member describing the independent study, including a description of the type and amount of work and the methods for evaluating performance.
  • a statement written by the student and signed by both the student and faculty member that indicates why the applicant's interest cannot be served by a regularly scheduled IST course.

The independent study course should be added no later than the drop/add period for the semester of enrollment. Otherwise, a late add fee will be incurred.


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