Penn State students have access to Nittany Lion Careers, the University's job posting system, where employers post internship and full-time opportunities specifically targeting your major.

Below, you'll also find a list of other helpful job posting sites. Most of these sites can be used to search for both full-time and internship opportunities. Learn strategies and tips to be successful in your internship and job search.

Remember that to qualify for academic credit, an internship must be a minimum of 240 hours in length with the same company, and must be completed within two consecutive academic semesters. It does not have to be called an internship in the posting to qualify. Review our Required Internship Program page for additional details.

Disclaimer: The Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement does not endorse any of these sites over another, nor are we responsible for the postings that you find there. If at any time you have concerns regarding the use of these sites, please contact our office.

Job Scams: Be aware as you use more online job search platforms, you will likely receive more unrecognized emails. Be on the look out and make sure you are not stepping into a job scam. Not sure what a job scam looks like? Check out these four helpful tips in spotting a scam and what to do if you suspect you've been scammed.


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