Internship Grading

Once you are registered for IST 495 or IST 295B, you will receive an email with the links for the deliverables listed below. You must use the links provided to you at the time of registration to submit your deliverables, as these links are connected to your registration and profile. If you have misplaced your registration email, contact the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement.

Internships are graded on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (SA/UN) grading system at University Park, World Campus and select Penn State campuses.

Student performance is assessed at the place of employment in a professional-performance, review-style assessment. This was a change from a conventional letter grade, effective summer 2019. Students who completed IST 295 or IST 495 and received a conventional letter grade on their transcript before summer 2019 may count the course toward their degree requirements, even if they are planning to transfer to University Park or World Campus in summer 2019 or after.

For military students who need to submit a letter grade into the Army grading portal, note that we will provide your class percentage to determine this grade.  The grade will only be for the military grading portal and will not be entered in LionPath or figured into grade point averages.  On your Penn State Lion Path and future transcript, the grade will be represented as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (SA/UN).

There is a limit of 12.0 credits for a bachelor’s degree and 6.0 credits for an associate degree in the SA/UN grading scale.

You must complete 240 hours of work within the allotted semesters and complete all course requirements in Canvas with a minimum average score of 70% to receive the satisfactory completion of the IST 495 requirement. If you receive a grade above a 70%, but have not met the hourly requirement, credit cannot be given for the course.

For IST 295B, you must complete 150 hours of work related to your degree within the allotted semesters and complete all coursework within Canvas earning a minimum average of 70% to receive a satisfactory completion of the class. Again if you earn a 70% in the Canvas class but have not completed the minimum hours, credit cannot be given for the course.

All deliverables will be due prior to the last day of class of the semester in which you are completing your internship for credit. Due dates for deliverables will be posted in Canvas. You can take a maximum of two consecutive semesters to complete the 240 hour internship requirement with prior permission from the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement.

Deliverables for both IST 295B and IST 495 include:

  • an online evaluation form submitted by your employer, which is your responsibility to provide to your supervisor
  • an online student evaluation form to be completed by you
  • participation in online discussions in Canvas, which allow you to share your internship experience and gain valuable insight on your classmates' internships
  • completion of online professional development modules (IST 495 only), which will be found in Canvas

If you anticipate a delay in the submission of any of your materials by the posted due date, you must email the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement to request an extension.

Be sure to include:

  • your name and PSU ID
  • the semester you are enrolled in IST 495 or IST 295B
  • the semester that you now intend to complete the internship
  • the reason for deferral

Missed deadlines are not tolerated unless you contact the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement first. If you receive an extension, your grade will appear on your transcript as a Deferred Grade (DF) until the grading is complete. Once your materials are received, you will receive a grade which will then be reflected on your transcript.


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