Resources for International Students

International students may find these additional resources helpful in seeking an internship or full-time employment. Global Penn State can provide  information to students related to employment and any required visas.

Beyond seeking an internship with a U.S. company, students might consider using their personal networks in their home country to complete their internship requirement. Students still need to complete the college's required internship course, IST 495, while completing their 300 hours of related work experience. The class is completed online. Contact for internship approval and registration.

Other options for completing the internship requirement might be seeking a qualified work experience on campus or in the State College area. If a student is completing an internship while attending classes, they have the option of completing IST 495 over consecutive semesters to better manage the required work hours.

Additional Resources

  • GoinGlobal - more than 80,000 resources for finding international employment at home and abroad
  • MyVisaJobs - a listing of the top 100 visa sponsors by year
  • Uniworld - search American firms operating in foreign countries and foreign firms operating in the U.S.
  • Workday - to access on-campus internship and part-time positions at Penn State