Graduate Student Policies

Specialization Area Course Waiver Policy

The College of IST will allow graduate students to waive the 9 credit specialization area course requirement with previous coursework from an external institution. The college specialization area course waiver guidelines are:

  • The course must be from an accredited institution
  • The student must have received an A or B grade in the course
  • The course must appear on an official graduate transcript
  • The course must have been taken within the five years prior to the date of registration to the IST graduate program
  • To receive a specialization area course waiver, the student must submit the following to the Office of Graduate Programs:

All course waiver requests must be submitted by May 15 of the end of the student’s first year. No course waiver requests will be accepted after this date.

Travel Policy to Countries on Warning List

Graduate students wishing to travel to countries on the U.S. State Department Warnings List must abide by the University graduate student policy for travel to these countries.


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