Holds can be placed on a student’s record for a number of reasons. The student should make immediate contact with the office that activated the hold to initiate the actions necessary to have the hold removed. A hold is considered temporary and is removed as soon as the conditions for placing the hold are resolved.

In LionPATH, the Holds box (found on the Advisor/Student Center page) lists any holds that a student needs to resolve. The types of holds that can be placed on a student's record and the areas that oversee those holds are as follows:

  • Academic (College, enrollment unit, or campus designate)
  • Conduct (Office of Student Conduct)
  • Financial (Bursar, Housing)
  • Global Programs (International Students and Study Abroad)
  • Medical (University Health Services)

For more information, review Faculty Senate Policy 34-30.

Impact of a Hold

Registration, Adding/Dropping Courses

Failure to complete a Financial Responsibility Agreement prevents enrollment for the upcoming semester. An academic, administrative, financial, or health hold prevents the student from registering or adding courses for current and future semesters. Most holds will not prevent a student from dropping or late dropping courses; however, depending on the type of hold there may be other policies that prevent these actions.


Two conditions prevent the issuing of an official transcript:

  • the student has a financial hold
  • the student has not participated in a student loan exit interview


Certain financial or disciplinary holds prevent the issuing of the student's diploma.


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