Current Graduate Students

Roadmaps and Degree Audits

View course lists, deadlines, roadmaps, and audit check sheets to stay on track in your degree program.

Exam Scheduling

Access the M.S. and Ph.D. exam scheduling portal to submit your request and review exam policies and procedures.

Course and Thesis Scheduling

Get support and review important information for scheduling your courses and thesis.

Student Policies

Review IST and Penn State Graduate School policies that impact you degree program.

Student Forms

Download forms for adviser agreements, change advisers, take leave for an internship, and more.

Independent Study

Learn how you can pursue Independent Study opportunities as part of your graduate degree program.

Graduating Students

Find information on upcoming commencement activities, graduation requirements, and complete steps to end your appointment at Penn State.

Graduate Student Association

Find community by connecting with peers through the Graduates in IST student organization.