World Campus Student Internship Requirements

Every undergraduate IST student is required to complete at least one internship for credit in order to graduate, regardless of their campus location. Many students complete multiple internships before leaving campus. University Park and students at residential Penn State campuses should check with their campus career services offices to determine their requirements.

Options to Complete the Internship Requirement

Students studying through Penn State World Campus students must also complete the internship requirement but have two options:

Complete Internship

To fulfill this option, a student may use a full-time position, which may or may not be called an internship. provided that the work is related to their major and they complete a minimum of 240 hours within the field. Students must complete all deliverables associated with the IST 495 credit course administered through Canvas. Some students have been able to use their current organization, working with their internal HR connections, to create an opportunity which will allow them to transition into an IST-related unit at their current location.

Submit Credit by Portfolio

This option is for professionals who have significant experience within the field. They are generally upper-level individuals who are able to build a portfolio of their work. To use this option, students must submit a proposal following the requirements outlined on the Credit by Portfolio page. Once approved, the student must submit the completed portfolio for review and, if satisfactory, will be awarded credit, fulfilling the internship requirement. These projects must have been completed within the past two years and be of a depth and breadth that represent a deep understanding of the professional IT field.


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