Your major GPA can be added to your resume to demonstrate your success within your selected major. To determine your unofficial major GPA use the calculator in LionPATH by completing the following steps:

  • Log in to LionPATH
  • Select the "Student Navigator" menu option
  • Under "Degree Planning and Progress," select "GPA Calculator"
  • Enter the appropriate credit and grade information
  • Once completed, click the "Calculate" button

Remember to enter only the credits for CYBER, DS, HCDD, IST, or SRA classes, using only those specific to your major. For example, if you received an A for you IST 495 internship which is a one credit course, enter “1” in the “Class Unit(s)” box and select "A" in the "Class Grade" box.

Keep in mind that including only your major GPA may be a red flag to some recruiters. Be prepared to asked for either clarification or validation of your overall GPA through request of an official or unofficial transcript.

LionPATH GPA Calculator