Meet Our People

Our people are our greatest strength. It is the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends who bring our programs to life and drive innovative discovery. Their unique backgrounds and passions converge in IST, shaping the future of our college and the world.

Meet a few of the people who are affecting positive change at the intersection of information, technology, and society. Know an outstanding member of the IST community? Nominate them here.

Ed Glantz

Learning from students to advance teaching initiatives

Mike Weyandt

Interacting with alumni and donors who help advance IST’s mission

Jocelyn Bennett Garraway

Leading IST’s strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion goals

Zigmund Bernard

Paving the way for a career in cybersecurity consulting

Younes Karimi

Identifying extremists and mitigating their influence on people

Nasim Motalebi

Pursuing technologies for social impact in support of refugees

Mizzah Tocmo

Expanding education through unique experiential opportunities

Jane Schneider

Leveraging IST networks and resources to engage in data science opportunities

Sam Whittle

Making a difference through IST education and experiences

Cassie Rosas-Carson

Coaching students as they navigate career and internship opportunities

Meet Our People