Meet Our People

Our people are our greatest strength. It is the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends who bring our programs to life and drive innovative discovery. Their unique backgrounds and passions converge in IST, shaping the future of our college and the world.

Meet a few of the people who are affecting positive change at the intersection of information, technology, and society.

Achieving Academically

Making the most of her time on campus

Bringing military expertise to the classroom

Learning and engaging from a distance

Helping students find success in the classroom

Succeeding Professionally

Earning critical experience through internships

Helping students navigate their futures

Building a network for career success

Embracing the challenge to chart her own path

Experiencing IST

Growing personally by connecting professionally

Advocating for engagement to build critical skills

Connecting students on campus and beyond

Charting her course through leadership and engagement

Inspiring Research

Unearthing patterns in misinformation and cyber frauds

Integrating tech to help first responders make a difference

Using math to understand privacy and trust

Sharing a childhood dream

Finding Community

Celebrating diversity to find common ground

Supporting a home away from home for IST students

Fostering relationships to build a stronger community

Facilitating connections for personal support and professional success

Meet Our People