PREMIERE: A PREdictive Model Index and Exchange REpository

Sponsoring Agency
National Institute of Health


This administrative supplement project is a collaboration with UCLA intended to promote ethical AI in biomedical research. By embedding ethics into "PREMIERE: PREdictive Model Index and Exchange REpository," a community-oriented platform for sharing reproducible ML-based models, this project intends to develop (meta)data to document and share information around ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) and ethical and trustworthy AI (ETAI), directly linking such information as part of a shared predictive model. The research team will engage AI ethics scholars over a series of working group meetings and in this one-year project (1) will critically examine of the ethics of synthetic data in AI/ML through key informant interviews; (2) explore the utility of ELSI-focused computational checklists for AI/ML through a survey of medical professionals (AI developers and users as well as ethics professionals); and (3) develop a prototype ELSI-focused computational checklist for AI/ML that can be integrated into PREMIERE. The project will involve hosting a public symposium on the theme, "Towards the responsible use of synthetic data in AI/ML."