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Information & Cyber Security (ICS)

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Information + Cyber Security (ICS)Important message for students who plan to complete their degrees at University Park, including those who plan to apply for a change of campus to University Park:  The B.S. in Security and Risk Analysis – Entrance to the Information and Cyber Security (ICS) option will be discontinued after the Spring 2019 semester at University Park. Read more...

This option includes a set of courses that provides an understanding of the theories, skills, and technologies associated with network security, cyber threat defense, information warfare, and critical infrastructure protection across multiple venues.

Prescribed Coursework

IST 220, IST 451, IST 454, and IST 456 are required courses (12cr)

Introduction to digital network topologies; transmission media, signal modulation, digital packet switching and routing, systems integration, communications management, and security.

Prerequisite: IST 110/110S

Fundamental issues and concepts of network security, network security technologies and protocols, and emerging technologies in network security.

Prerequisite: IST 220, SRA 221

Fundamental issues and concepts of computer forensics; aspects of computer and cyber crime; methods to uncover, protect, exploit, and document digital evidence; tools, techniques, and procedure to perform computer and cyber crime investigation.

Prerequisite: IST 220, SRA 221

Contemporary Security Issues; security management processes, architecture and models; risk analysis and management; security planning, analysis and safeguards; security policies development and administration; contingency planning, incidence handling and response; and security standards and certification processes.

Prerequisite: IST 220, SRA 221

Support of Option

No more than 6 credits can be at the 100-200 level. Three credits (3 cr) or more must be at the 400 level. Not all courses are offered every semester. Check LionPATH using the Search for Classes tab to determine the availability of specific courses.

Please be mindful of course prerequisites, as indicated with a single asterisk (*) below. Courses taken to satisfy the SRA major requirements for GEOG/ PL SC (GEOG 040 or PL SC 001/014) and PSYCH/SOC (PSYCH 100 or SOC 005 cannot be used to satisfy the Support of Option requirement as indicated with a double asterisk (**) below.

Business Crime/Criminology



ACCTG 211*
IST 301*
IST 302*
MGMT 100
PSYCH 100**
PSYCH 221*
PSYCH 270*
PSYCH 445*
CRIM 012/SOC 12
CRIM 100
CRIM 406*
CRIM 412*
CRIM 425*
SOC 001
SOC 405*
SOC 409*
SOC 416*
SOC 419*
SOC 422*
SOC 423*
SOC 424*
SOC 440*
SOC 457*
SOC 461*
SOC 467*
SOC 470*
GEOG 361*
GEOG 362*
GEOG 363*
IST 230*
IST 240*
IST 242*
IST 402*
IST 442*
IST 452*
IST 453*
SRA 468*
SRA 471*
SRA 472*


Global Security

Military Studies

COMM 180
COMM 479*
COMM 484*
COMM 489W*
COMM 490*

PHIL 103*
PHIL 119
PHIL 407*
PHIL 418*

PL SC 007
PL SC 014**
PL SC 410*
PL SC 418*
PL SC 434*
PL SC 440*
PL SC 442*

PL SC 443*
PL SC 454*
PL SC 455*
PL SC 458*
PL SC 459
PL SC 464*
PL SC 467*

AIR 151
AIR 351
AIR 352
AIR 451
ARMY 101
ARMY 102
ARMY 301
ARMY 302


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