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The College of Information Sciences and Technology and Penn State are able to offer a number of scholarships to our students through the generosity of alumni, corporate partners, and friends. 

Full-time students enrolled in the College of IST who meet the eligibility requirements described below will automatically be considered for scholarship awards. Students will be evaluated for either a need-based scholarship or a merit-based scholarship as determined by their financial status after completing the FAFSA.  

Students must do the following to be eligible for consideration:
  • Receive an offer of Admission to the College IST from Penn State.
  • Be registered as a full-time student (enrolled in twelve or more credits) for both the Fall and Spring semesters in the College of IST.
  • File a FAFSA by February 15th of each calendar year.

All recipients will receive notification to their Penn State email address upon completion of the awarding process.  Award amounts are divided equally between Fall and Spring semesters.  For example, an award of $2,000 will appear in the student's account as $1,000 for Fall semester, and $1,000 for Spring semester.

Students are not eligible for new and/or continuing awards if:
  • Cumulative GPA below a 2.75.
  • Majoring in a non-IST field.
  • Below full-time status (fewer than twelve credits), unless documented special circumstances are present and the donor approves – i.e. – limitation due to disability, extended illness, etc.
  • Entering their 9th semester at the University, unless special dispensation is approved by the Dean.
  • A FAFSA is not currently on file.

Scholarships in the College of IST are made possible through the generosity of many. All students who receive a scholarship award from the College of IST are expected to write a letter of thanks to show their appreciation.  Guidelines for drafting an appropriate letter of thanks and the submission process can be found by clicking the link below.


Featured Scholarships

IST has innovative scholarships for innovative students. Do you have a great idea for a start-up company, new application, or other web-based project? Have you made significant contributions to or have experience in open-source development? If so, IST may have scholarship money for you in one of these two areas.  Application Deadline is February 16, 2018.

David Rusenko Entrepreneur-in-Residence Scholarship

If you are a junior or senior in the College of IST and have entrepreneurial experience, through this scholarship you can receive $10,000 for the year, earn six credits as you work on your business, and have the guidance of an IST faculty member as a mentor.

David Rusenko Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship

If you are a full-time freshman or sophomore enrolled in the College of IST with and interest in innovation and thinking outside of the box, this scholarship can provide you up to $5,000 for the year.