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Career Solutions & Corporate Engagement

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Corporate Associates:

IST students are in high demand.  Their technical expertise combined with interpersonal skills and business savvy means our students have the versatility employers want.  Our dedicated Career Solutions team is here to provide our students with the tools and resources they need to find a meaningful and impactful career.

Employers, interested in hiring from our talented pool of candidates?  Learn more about student engagement opportunities and recruiting on-campus.

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What can I do with a degree from IST?

Learn about the different types of full-time positions that are available to you once you graduate from the College of IST.  This list will help you to discover the opportunities and potential career paths for graduates with a Bachelor degree in Information Sciences & Technology (IST), Security & Risk Analysis (SRA), Data Sciences, Cybersecurity, and Human Centered Design & Development (HCDD).  Also, visit our Internship Registration Database to see what other College of IST students are doing to fulfill their IST 495 credit.  Be sure to also research the companies who recruit IST students and check out our Career Outcomes statistics.