Research Promotion

IST’s editorial team is committed to promoting you and your research. Share your research news, career successes, and story ideas with us. Together, we’ll find the best outlet for it—from social media to Penn State News and beyond.

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Research News 

Tell us about 

  • new findings (or algorithms, models, frameworks. etc.). 
    • What’s the takeaway from your work? How will it affect people’s lives? 
    • Does your work identify a new problem? Solve an existing problem? 
    • How is your research different from what’s already been done?
  • a grant or significant funding to support your research.  
  • a paper that’s been published in an academic journal or presented at a conference. 
  • a major new research partnership or project.
  • a literature review that offers new insights.

Expertise and Career Success 

Let us know if you've been

  • interviewed for your expertise by the media or quoted by an external news outlet. 
  • appointed to a fellowship, speakership, or honorary position in an organization outside the University. 
  • invited to speak at an event or conference.

Happenings In and Beyond the Classroom 

We want to hear about your classes and students. 

  • Classroom Projects 
    • Are you delivering your course materials in new or unique ways? 
    • Are your students working on projects on behalf of a company or community organization? 
    • Are your students working on notable or newsworthy projects? 
  • Student and Alumni Success 
    • Do you have standout students who deserve a shout-out? 
    • Have any of your students received awards or recognition? 
    • Are your former students working in interesting or impactful roles? 

There are a few ways to let us know what you’re doing. 

What Happens Next 

Our team will review your information and discuss ideas for promoting it. We may reach out to schedule an interview or to pose some questions via email. We don’t promise that every submission will be featured prominently in the news, but we can assure you that every submission will be considered. 

Where Your News May Appear 

Penn State News 

The keyword here is news, which makes a story more likely to be shared on Penn State Today—where more readers will find it—or guided by the University’s Strategic Communications team for external media engagement. 

The stories that are most likely to appear on Penn State News 

  • drive Penn State’s reputation for academic, research, and service excellence. 
  • feature peer-reviewed research that’s been published in an academic journal or presented at a conference within the last 90 days.
  • Q&As that promote your expertise on a trending or pop culture topic. 

@ISTatPennState Social Media Channels 

This is where our students and alumni—and many of our researchers—are really engaged. Social media posts are easily and widely shared. 

Compelling photos play a big role in social media promotion, so let our team know if you have photos or need our photographer to capture some. 

News feed on the IST website 

  • These stories appear on the IST website as well as on your research area’s page. 
  • The audience includes prospective students, alumni, peers, business and industry, and the general public. 

Feature IST channels  

These outlets are ideal for highlighting you as a researcher (and your projects) beyond your immediate findings. 

  • Meet Our People: website highlight posts and videos featuring IST faculty, staff, and students 
  • IConnect: annual online and print magazine for IST alumni, donors, and friends 
  • Digital signage: widely viewed screens throughout the Westgate Building 

The Conversation 

You can work directly with this independent news organization to share your expertise and opinions. 

  • We can help with the pitch (Story/50 words, Significance/100 words, Other Key Points/150 words) 
  • You’ll write the story and work directly with The Conversation's editors.
  • The Conversation reaches far more readers than our internal channels do. 
  • Create your Author Page or reach out to Mary Fetzer for next steps.