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Degree Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs teach students the skills they need to develop new technology and the role that technology will play in our lives, businesses, and the world. Students will be challenged to think critically to solve problems using technology in a variety of contexts.

Click on the degree programs below for more details and to learn about focus area options.

Bachelor of Science in IST

Bachelor of Science in IST

The Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology is for students seeking answers to the world's problems in technology. Is your brain buzzing with ideas for the next big app? Do you have a “big picture” mindset? Do you have a passion for business and technology? If so, this may be the perfect program for you.

Bachelor of Science in SRA

Bachelor of Science in SRA

The Bachelor of Science in Security and Risk Analysis is for students who have an interest in stopping cyber crime and learning about information security. If you are intrigued by how today’s global environment and emerging technologies are shaping U.S. foreign policy, and the idea of thwarting hackers charges you with adrenaline, you should be considering this program.

Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences is an intercollege degree program for students who are curious about data and want to make sense of it to solve problems. Do you look at current trends and wonder how they came to be? Are you a visual person who can clearly communicate difficult concepts and information to others? If so, you should check out this program.

Graduate Programs

In our graduate degree programs, you will receive multidisciplinary training to prepare you to address complex issues related to technology and society, while engaging in cutting-edge research in areas such as artificial intelligence and cognition, big data analytics, human-computer interaction, informatics and data sciences (including health informatics, bioinformatics, social informatics, security informatics), data privacy and security, and socio-technical systems.

Ph.D. Program in IST

The Ph.D. program in Information Sciences and Technology provides foundational training that will prepare you for a career in cutting edge computing, data, and information sciences research, technology development, and advanced applications in academia, industry, and government.

M.S. Program in IST

In the M.S. program in Information Sciences and Technology, you will engage more deeply in an intellectual conversation with research and science. An M.S. degree typically opens up advanced career opportunities; both in industry and as preparation for a Ph.D.

Online Degrees

The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) recognizes that many adult learners are returning to the classroom to complete their first bachelor’s degree or to earn an advanced degree to meet the demands of an every-changing workforce. Many of these non-traditional learners seek the convenience and flexibility of an academic curriculum that can fit into their busy personal and career schedules. Additionally, they want to earn a degree that is relevant and will advance them in today’s competitive career market.

IST offers three Master of Professional Studies (MPS) online degrees: Enterprise Architecture; Homeland Security, Information Security and Forensics option; and Information Sciences, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance option. The MPS programs are designed for professionals working full-time but seeking advanced credentials. IST also offers Bachelor of Science and Associate online degrees in Information Sciences and Technology, and Security and Risk Analysis.