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Tips for your LinkedIn Profile

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Is LinkedIn working for you?

LinkedIn has 2 million+ groups and 200 million users.

More and more recruiters are searching for their next hires via LinkedIn. Use the following tips to ensure that your profile reflects your personal and professional brand and is being found and viewed by prospective employers.

Profile Picture: Profiles with a picture are 7x’s more likely to get viewed than profiles without.

Take the time to include a picture. It does not have to be a professional head shot, but it should be professional in appearance. Remember this could be the first visual image a company has of you. Having a picture is also helpful during career fair time when recruiters are trying to associate names to the many faces that they met throughout the day.  

Choosing the right profile picture

Create a personal URL and use it:

Create a professional profile and then utilize it in connection with your résumé by personalizing your URL. Make sure you are committed to keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date if you are going to use it on your résumé or business card.

To create a personal URL:

  • Go to profile
  • Edit profile
  • Look below your picture and you should see a long URL. Click on edit.
  • On the right side of the screen you can see a block that says “Your public profile URL.”Click here to customize your public profile URL. Use your customized URL on your resume or business card once you have completed your profile.

Your Summary:

Having a summary also increases the likelihood that your profile will be viewed. The summary should be a cross between what you have done and what you would like to do. It should be a complete snapshot of who you are. But be sure to avoid simply duplicating your resume as you will miss on the chance to second sell yourself. Use LinkedIn to tell your story in your own words.

As you write your summary, view other summaries of individuals who are doing the same kind of work that you would like to be doing. Again, be sure to include key words by which you would like to be found.

Using LinkedIn to work for you:

  • Read other profile summaries to get an idea of the terminology that describes different types of work.
  • Connect with Alumni from Penn State. Ask if you can interview them to gain more insight into the job that they do and learn more about your potential career choices.
  • Become involved in a group and begin to network with individuals professionally and virtually.
  • Use the LinkedIn Job Board when you are searching jobs.

Easy research:

You can connect without connecting by viewing company pages and get valuable information before your interviews or company networking sessions.

  • This is a great way to research before an interview or career fair. See what groups employees are connected to.
  • If you know the name of your interviewer, you can look them up and get an idea of their interests and passions. This will provide you with information to warm-up a conversation with them.
  • Get an idea of the size of a company by looking at how many employees are on LinkedIn.
  • Review news items that are published there by the company.
  • You can see who you might be connected to within a company.
  • And…you can see what jobs they might have posted on LinkedIn.

Other Resources:

There are tons of them out there. These are some that we have read and used.



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