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Special Topics & IST 402

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IST 402 Emerging Issues and Technologies

(3 per semester/maximum of 9)

Introduction to emerging issues, technology forecasting and analysis; overview of emerging issues and leading technologies in IST and how they impact information systems, users, the IT labor force and society.

Prerequisite: IST 210 and IST 220

Spring 2017

IST 402: Cognitive Science in the context of Information, Security, and Data ScienceSchedule Number: 12830
Section: 001
Meeting Days/Times: T R 6:00PM – 7:15PM
Classroom: 208 IST
Instructor: David Reitter
Prerequisites: IST 210 & IST 220

Course description: Cognitive Science promises to solve the greatest mystery of our age. The brain holds the key to how we perceive the world, learn from our experiences, make the right decisions and communicate with others. Understanding the constraints and peculiarities of what it means to be human is key to creating technology that successfully interacts with and amazes people. Read more...

IST 402: Emerging Issues in Visual AnalysticsSchedule Number: 12831
Section: 002
Meeting Days/Times: M W 2:30PM – 3:45PM
Classroom: 110 IST
Instructor: Luke Zhang
Prerequisites: IST 210 & IST 220

Course description: In the “Big-Data” era, people need comprehensive tools to understand data and gain knowledge. Visualization-based tools become essential to human-data interaction. This course focuses on the frontier issues in visual analytics, an area with a goal to augment data-driven decision-making by bridging computational capacities of computing systems and analytical skills of human beings. Read more...

IST 402: Auditory Display and Sonification: Sound as InformationSchedule Number: 12832
Section: 003
Meeting Days/Times: T R 9:05AM – 10:20AM
Classroom: 201A IST
Instructor: Mark Ballora
Prerequisites: IST 210 & IST 220

Course description: Researchers and analysts commonly find themselves not only dealing with new forms of information, but also with unprecedented quantities of it. In our Information Age, new forms of gathering information are constantly being created. However, this does not necessarily lead to increased understanding. In particular, managing crisis situations or monitoring infrastructures requires the ability to interpret incoming information from multiple sources. Read more...

Fall 2017

IST 402: Fraud InformaticsSchedule Number: 13721
Section: 001
Meeting Days/Times: MWF 12:30PM – 1:10PM
Instructor: Dongwon Lee
Prerequisites: IST 210 & IST 220

Course description: As computer systems and information technologies rapidly advance, various abusive and fraudulent activities in cyber world proliferate as well. Read more...

IST 402: Multimedia Big DataSchedule Number: 13723
Section: 002
Meeting Days/Times: MW 4:00PM – 5:15PM
Instructor: James Wang
Prerequisites: IST 210 & IST 220

Course description: This course will introduce recent advancements in research and development related to the analysis and use of a large quantity of multimedia data (e.g., images, videos, social media). Read more...

IST 402: Privacy Protection in Today’s Networked WorldSchedule Number: 13725
Section: 003
Meeting Days/Times: TR 10:35AM – 11:50AM
Instructor: Heng Xu
Prerequisites: IST 210 & IST 220

Course description: As information technologies increasingly expand the ability for organizations to store, process, and exploit personal data, privacy is at the center of discussion and controversy among multiple stakeholders including business leaders, privacy activists, and government regulators. Public opinion polls have repeatedly shown information privacy to be of utmost concern in diverse organizational and societal contexts and it is argued that information privacy continues to be eroded as a result of technology innovations. Read more...

IST 297/497 Special Topics

Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in depth, a comparatively narrow subject that may be topical or of special interest. The College of Information Sciences and Technology's Special Topics are those that may be available for only one semester, examine special topics, or are new courses that have been added to our list of course offerings.

Spring 2017

IST 497C: An Experimental Study on Computer and Network SecuritySchedule Number: 12708
Section: 001
Meeting Days/Times: T R 10:35AM – 11:50AM
Classroom: 215 IST
Instructor: Sencun Zhu

Course description: Today’s Internet not only features rich applications and always-on connections, it is also notorious for prevalent security threats that affect everyone. Knowledge on computer and network security is hence necessary not only for people working in the field (e.g., an IT support, system administrator, researcher), but also for individuals trying to protect themselves and others. Read more...