Dongwon Lee featured in National Academies workshop

Professor Dongwon Lee, acting interim associate dean for research and director of doctoral programs in the College of IST, participated in a virtual National Academies workshop on April 11. The workshop — Evolving Technological, Legal and Social Solutions to Counter Disinformation in Social Media — featured two days of interactive brainstorming to foster new research and collaborations and build implementable solutions for a whole-of-society approach to mitigating disinformation and its detrimental effects, according to the National Academies website. 

In his talk, LLMs as Democratizing Platform to Combat Disinformation, Lee discussed the use of large language models (LLMs) as a universal AI layer that brokers between humans and tasks. Despite their current issues, such as biases and hallucinations, LLMs can be an effective standardized platform to combat disinformation across social platforms, formats, languages and more.