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Security and Risk Analysis (SRA)

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The Security and Risk Analysis (SRA) major helps students protect organizational information, people, and other assets by applying principles of risk management. This includes skill sets in risk analysis, threat identification, risk control strategies, decision making, emergency response, and intelligence analysis.

The SRA major looks at how to design systems that are secure, how to measure risk, and how ensure that proper levels of privacy are maintained for individual technology users, businesses, government, and other organizations. The SRA  major is based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates areas of study in information assurance (both digital and physical security) and intelligence analysis. It also would provide leadership and venue-specific skills needed in this area.


The options for SRA - Intelligence Analysis & Modeling (IAM) and Information & Cyber Security (ICS) - are no longer available starting with students admitted to Penn State SU/FA 2018. If you are currently in one of these options, please refer to your roadmap and advisor for questions.