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Volunteer Engagement Opportunities

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As a member of the College of IST’s community, there are a number of ways you can share your expertise, experiences and story to inspire future generations of IST students. Check out the opportunities below to connect, volunteer, and engage with the College of IST to build a community of students and alumni who are leaders in the information age.

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Speak in a classroom
Share your expertise and personal story in an IST class that matches your professional experience, helping IST students see how the concepts from the classroom are applied in the real world.

Speak on an alumni career panel
IST students know the power of a good network. Help them grow their own by discussing the steps you took to find success in your career and ways students can hit the ground running after graduation.

Assist with student recruiting – virtually or on campus
Who better to recruit the next generation of IST students than the alumni and friends who know the value of an IST education? Connect with prospective students and their families to show all that the college has to offer.

Connect with student organizations
IST student organizations offer a great way for students to build on what they’re learning in the classroom. Engage with them through your company to provide feedback, thought leadership, and real-world scenarios that can be used to build new programs and initiatives.

Host students at your place of employment
Learning happens in more than just the classroom. By hosting students at your place of employment, you can expose IST students to life as a professional and your organization’s culture, while also showcasing internship and career opportunities that may be available to them in the future.

Become a member of the Alumni Society Board
The IST Alumni Society aims to engage IST graduates in activities that enhance the college and its programs. As a Board Member, you can help to shape the IST’s future and take the lead on developing new initiatives that advance the college’s mission.

Help with campus career-related workshops
Building a solid foundation for a career starts long before the first interview. You can help IST students navigate the entire career development process – from how to find the right opportunities to how to develop as a leader – by participating in various career-related workshops.

Set up a Featured Employer table for your company at Westgate Building
IST’s Featured Employer series showcases one company each week in a high traffic area of the Westgate Building. This puts your organization front and center with hundreds of IST students to showcase your company’s culture and professional opportunities in an informal setting.

Become a mentor
Mentoring an IST student provides them with critical professional guidance, personal support, and opportunities to explore their interests. As a mentor, you can invest in the success of IST students to help them on the path to career success and personal fulfillment.

Become a Tech Trailblazer
Help guide underrepresented IST students through their academic and career paths.

Share your story in IST communications
Whether it is about your roundabout journey to find IST or the dream job you landed after graduating, sharing your story with the IST community on Penn State News, the college’s biannual magazine, or IST’s social media accounts can inspire others to enroll, engage with, or give to the college.

Be a guest speaker on IST's diversity and inclusion podcast
The technology industry--ever-growing and ever-changing--still suffers from a significant gender gap and overall lack of diversity. Lend your expertise and stories of your experiences of how diversity adds significant value not only to the academic environment but also to the global workforce that graduates enter when they leave Penn State.



The IST Alumni Spotlight is to showcase and recognize outstanding IST alumni for their success as leaders in their professional field and for the impact they have had and will continue to have on society and their profession on a monthly basis.

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