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Making Connections

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Networking is a key piece in the career development process. It can open doors to new opportunities and set you up for continued career success in the future.

IST offers its students numerous occasions to interact and collaborate with global leaders in information technology, gaining exposure to top industry professionals, discovering emerging trends, and exploring potential career paths through:

  • Career Fairs - Pro Expo and Future Forum
  • Internship program
  • Information sessions
  • Corporate day trips
  • Classroom guest lectures
  • Semester-long course projects
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Resume reviews
  • Case competitions & Hackathons

Don't know what to say?

Here are some great conversation starters:

  • Hi, I'm (your name). I'm really interested in learning more about (company name).
  • What do you love most about your line of work?
  • What is your role at (name of company)?
  • What do you think is the biggest need in this industry right now?
  • Who are some of your favorite experts (or authors or blogs or professional development resources)?
  • How did you get started in this line of work?
  • Why did you choose to work for (name of company)?
  • As a student, what are some opportunities that you recommend I take advantage of?
  • I visited your website and saw..... Can you tell me more about that?

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