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Graduate Research

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Recent best-paper awards and honorable mentions of papers by IST graduate students and their faculty include ACM and IEEE conferences, UbiComp, Human Factors (CHI), and Information Privacy, Security, Risk, and Trust (PASSAT). Faculty regularly publish in high-profile venues, author books, and edit journal issues. Both software and web services with large, world-wide use bases come from IST faculty.


Make an Impact

Alex OrorbiaAlex Ororbia, IST Ph.D. student advised by Drs. Giles and Reitter, holds a traineeship with the Big Data Social Science IGERT program. Ororbia focuses on artificial neural network models. These models are capable of deep learning from digital, scholarly text. “Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the answers to your questions take the form of tools that can directly impact people,” Ororbia says.

Elizabeth EikeyIST Ph.D. student Elizabeth Eikey, advised by Dr. Erika Poole, assistant professor of information sciences and technology is a recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Eikey’s focus is on using technology to advance research and the understanding of medical conditions, from dyslexia to eating disorders.