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Inclusion and Diversity Action Council

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Who We Are

IDAC stands for the Inclusion and Diversity Action Council.  We as a group will strive to positively impact the climate in the college and provide several opportunities within the Council’s structure for individuals to work on their area of interest. The functions and purposes of this Council are as follows:

  • to recommend, review and create policies and practices that enhance building equity into the climate so that College stakeholders matriculate in a physically, emotionally, and socially safe place;
  • to create and sustain positive, supportive, and creative classroom environment in which students can successfully, creatively, and confidently gain and demonstrate their knowledge and beliefs about the subject matter at hand;
  • to create, support, and implement programming that demonstrates, highlights and supports awareness, respect, understanding, and acceptance of the diversity in the College of IST; 
  • to be responsive to issues and challenges in and between constituent groups in the College;
  • to determine the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion integration in the College; and
  • to ensure IST is aligned with the university's charge for inclusion and diversity statement.

Ways to get involved

  • Book Club - Dean Sears, in conjunction with the Inclusion and Diversity Action Council (IDAC), is excited to announce the inaugural College of IST Book Club.  Faculty and staff are invited to read Hidden Figures, by Margot Lee Shetterly and join in a discussion facilitated by IDAC. 
    • Book Discussion: October 24 or 29, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. in E165 Westgate (you will only need to attend one)
    • Film Viewing: November 14, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. W201 in the Cybertorium
  • Common Hour – Common Hour is a facilitator-led open forum for the IST community to examine an idea or respond to an event that has captured widespread attention.  Please refer back for times and dates.  Future topics may include.:
    • Diversity and inclusion in technology,
    • Current social trends, and
    • National and international events that change how we think, live, and work.
  • Open TABLE - (Talking About Backgrounds and Lived Experiences) is an opportunity for IST faculty and staff to come together as a community for an open-minded conversation that honors all viewpoints and perspectives. Lunch will be provided, and all IST faculty and staff are welcome.

Stay Up to Date

Stay tuned for online newsletters concerning IDAC information and future events


  • Karen Brewster
  • Kristina Bryan
  • Megan Costello
  • Erin Duckworth
  • Allie Ellison
  • Jason Gines
  • Michael Hills
  • Sharon Lazarow
  • Jerome Lumpkin
  • Meggan MacDonald
  • Kali McKeehan
  • Kaitlin Nelson
  • Sarah Rajtmajer
  • Jamie Reep
  • Marc Rigas
  • Sarah Stager
  • Kevin Sylvester
  • Cindy Titsler