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Discover Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Brant shares what it is like to be an undergraduate student majoring in Cybersecurity. Watch his video now.

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Hear from our students

The College of IST students are driven to solve problems that impact everyday lives where Information, technology, and people intersect. Through our unique curriculum and focus on real-world applications, our graduates are prepared to meet the greatest challenges of the information age.

Do you like to:

  • Work in a fast paced and evolving career that is in high-demand?
  • Be at the forefront of securing critical infrastructure?
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology?
  • Learn how to identify vulnerabilities in systems and keep information safe?

Gain skills like:

  • Securing software, hosts and networks
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk management and controls
  • Analytics driven cybersecurity
  • Programming languages like Java, Python and Shell Scripting


Grow your knowledge in:

  • Security assessment and testing
  • Combating cybercrime
  • Malware analysis
  • Network security
  • Forensics and incident response
  • Enterprise operating systems such as Linux

Why Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations?

“Look for cybersecurity breaches in the news- and you’ll see everything from large hospitals, to small doctor’s offices. You’ll find breaches at big retail chains or local restaurants. That data loss turns into identity theft and misuse of financial instruments in the billions of dollars annually.”

Nicklaus Giacobe, Ph.D
Assistant Teaching Professor

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Why Major in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations?