Space Request Instructions

Reserving Space and/or Resources in 25Live Scheduling

  • First time users, please allow one business day for your account to be verified and updated with your appropriate campus access.
  • IST rooms are assigned within 24 hours; other locations are assigned at their discretion.
  • If you need assistance with submitting a request, email
  1. Login on 25Live with your PSU credentials.
    • Note, you only have to complete the fields denoted by a red asterisk.
  2. Click Create an Event.
  3. Enter the Event Name (ex. Lab Meeting, Table Request, 25Live Training, Project Meeting, etc.)
  4. Select the Event Type from the drop-down menu that best describes your request.
    • If just reserving event supplies, type Resource Request.
  5. Sponsoring Organization, from the drop down menu search or browse for your organization.
  6. Date and Time, enter the start and end time of the actual event
    • Do not add in extra time before and after the event
    • If just reserving event supplies, choose the date and time needed.
    • Do not uncheck the box “The event begins and ends on the same day”, even for repeating events.
  7. Additional Time, select yes or no.
    • If no, proceed to #11
    • If yes, enter times accordingly
  8. Event Repeat, select appropriately from the dropdown menu and answer questions accordingly.
  9. Enter the Expected Attendance
    • If just reserving event supplies, type 1.
  10. Locations, type the name of the building you want (ex: Westgate) at Search for Locations
  11. Click on your choice in the displayed results.
    • A red triangle means the location is not available. A green check mark means the location is available.
    • To save time in the future and note frequently used location by clicking on the yellow star. A block of bricks means you don’t have permissions to that location.
  12. Request Resources, type IST at Search for Resources
  13. Click on the resource(s) needed.
    • If you want it on the IST Events Calendar you must choose the calendar(s) you want it on.
    • To save time in the future and note frequently used resources click on the yellow star.
  14. Select the number next to Quantity and enter how many of this resource you need.
  15. Attached Files, attach any setup diagram or any pertinent information.
  16. Additional Event Information, complete the fields with a red asterisk.
  17. Add any Comments, Notes, etc. that are pertinent.
  18. Click Save. The event has been saved in a tentative status, but not confirmed.  A confirmation email will be sent to the requestor’s PSU email address when the event has been confirmed.

Editing Your Confirmed Space

Within IST

  • Email to change your event status to tentative
  • From the Home screen, type event name at Search for Event
  • Select Edit next to your event
  • Make changes as necessary

Outside of IST

  • Email the approver(s)

Copying a Previous Request

  • From the Home screen, type event name at Search for Event
  • Click on the event name in blue
  • Click Copy at the top right corner
  • Make changes as necessary to include the location

Reserving Space in Office 365 (O365)

To use Zoom capabilities at EBIH, 6th floor & classroom 113, you will need to place a request in O365 and 25Live.

  1. Go to your Outlook calendar
  2. Click New Appointment
  3. Choose the date and times for the event
  4. Type the name of the event at Title
  5. Click Invite Attendees
  6. Click the Required button
  7. Click for Barron or Westgate
  8. Double-click the room of choice
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Send
  11. Wait for approval