Photo of Rosalie Ocker


Teaching Professor
E391 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-8851
Additional Title(s)
Coordinator, B.S. in Enterprise Technology Integration
Ph.D., Computer and Information Science, Rutgers University Graduate School of Management
M.B.A., Lehigh University
B.A. in Economics, Albright College

Dr. Ocker is a teaching professor in the College of Information Systems and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Dr. Ocker is the Director of the Center for Enterprise Architecture. Prior to academia, Ocker was a consultant at Arthur Anderson (now Accenture) where she worked in the financial services sector, developing financial trading systems for firms on Wall Street. Ocker also worked at Morgan Stanley as an internal consultant.

Research Interests

Ocker’s current research focuses on Enterprise Architecture.  Ocker has studied both technical and socio-emotional enhancers of and inhibitors to the effectiveness of distributed teams. She has also studied global teams, where her  research centers on the impacts of geographic, temporal, and cultural distance. Supported by research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Ocker studied the impact of training modules designed to reduce the deleterious effects of distance on partially-distributed teams. Ocker’s teaching interests include enterprise architecture, agility, research methods, analysis and design, software requirements determination, and organizational process modeling. She was the recipient of the George McMurtry Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award for 2007-2008.

Research Keywords
Enterprise Architecture
Global Teams
Technology Mediated Communication