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Peng Liu

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Peng Liu
  • Raymond G. Tronzo, MD Professor of Cybersecurity

  • Director, Center for Cyber-Security, Information Privacy, and Trust (LIONS)

305A Steam Services Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-0641

Peng Liu received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Science and Technology of China, and his PhD from George Mason University in 1999.  Dr. Liu is a Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, founding Director of the Center for Cyber-Security, Information Privacy, and Trust, and founding Director of the Cyber Security Lab at Penn State University.   His research interests are in many areas of computer security.  He has published a monograph and over 270 refereed technical papers.  His research has been sponsored by NSF, ARO, AFOSR, DARPA, DHS, DOE, AFRL, NSA, TTC, CISCO, and HP.  He has served as a program (co-)chair or general (co-)chair for over 10 international conferences (e.g., Asia CCS 2010, CNS 2018) and workshops (e.g., ACM MTD 2016). He chaired the Steering Committee of SecureComm during 2008-14. He has served on over 100 program committees and reviewed papers for numerous journals. He is an associate editor for IEEE TDSC. He is a recipient of the DOE Early Career Principle Investigator Award.  He has co-led the effort to make Penn State a NSA-certified National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research.  He has advised or co-advised over 34 PhD dissertations to completion.

Research Interests:

Liu's teaching and research interests include computer security, systems security, insecurity analysis of software systems, secure Internet of Things, secure cloud computing, cyber situational awarenss, and applying deep learning to build secure systems.

Research lab website:

Research Keywords:

  • Computer Security
  • Building Secure Software Systems
  • Secure Internet of Things
  • Apply Deep Learning to Systems Security
  • Cyber Situational Awareness

Peng Liu's publications are posted on: