Photo of Jingyu Xie


Informatics Ph.D. Student
Graduate Adviser
Jack Carroll
Graduate Cohort

Jingyi Xie's research is anchored in accessibility, with a specific focus on designing and assessing Computer Vision-mediated prosthetic aids for individuals with visual impairments. Her work significantly contributes to enhancing the navigation, engagement, and privacy aspects of collaborations between sighted and visually impaired individuals.

Before delving into qualitative research, Xie earned a dual-title MS degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from the Penn State Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Under the guidance of Prof. Qiushi Chen, her focus was on health informatics and data mining. This background proves invaluable, influencing her current experimental designs and bolstering her interdisciplinary collaborations with AI and software development experts throughout her PhD journey.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Xie is deeply committed to making a positive impact in her community. She volunteers her time to read books to visually impaired students and has notably completed a substantial 388-page textbook, with plans to continue this endeavor. Furthermore, she actively engages with the local chapter of the National Federation of the Blind, working closely to support their initiatives.