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Informatics Ph.D. Student
Graduate Adviser
Jonathan Dodge
Graduate Cohort
Additional Title(s)
Part-Time Adjunct Instructor
M.S. Cybersecurity Technology, University of Maryland Global Campus, 2018
M.S. International Relations, concentration in National Security Policy, Troy University, 2007
B.B.A Computer Information Systems, Campbell University, 2005

Jeffrey Samuel Schulman Jr is an Informatics Ph.D. Student advised by Dr. Jonathan Dodge, and a co-founding member of the PSU Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence that's INTerpretable, EXplainable, and Testable (PLAINTEXT). He is also an Adjunct Instructor and co-founded the Penn State Open-Source Program Office (OSPO) with Dr. Mathias Fonkham and Dr. Carl Cotner.


Jeff's professional journey includes significant roles in cybersecurity and IT systems, including serving as the Acting Chief Information Security Officer of the Penn State University Applied Research Lab (A U.S. Navy-Sponsored University-Affiliated Research Center) (UARC) and a Platforms Engineering Team Lead (Line Manager) at United States Africa Command. His real-world experience in securing and enhancing information capabilities in global enterprises provides a practical foundation for his academic research. 


 He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Research Interests

My research interests center on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Information Security, synthesizing emerging insights and practical applications. I aim to contribute to a deeper understanding of how complex AI systems can be made more transparent and user-friendly, with a focus on security.

I am also interested in Cognitive Security, Active Inference, Dark Patterns, and Open-Source Software.

Research Keywords
Information Security
Active Inference
Sequential Domains
Explainable AI
Cognitive Security
Dark Patterns