Improving and Evaluating FLOW as a Tool for Scaffolding Software Development


Sponsoring Agency
Naver Labs Europe


FLOW is a tool being developed by Naver Labs Europe, that will make developing mobile applications accessible to novices and beginning software developers. The scaffolding provided by this tool will mean that individuals learning and acquiring programming skills will be able to create credible and useful mobile applications with only a modest level of instruction. This means that these individuals will be able to build useful apps as the first step to learning software development. The side effect being, individuals will be able to be modestly productive software developers while honing their skills. In this project, we will engage with individuals in rural West Virginia who have been displaced from their job or who are suffering a lack of economic opportunity to evaluate the FLOW toolkit. We will be conducting a series of usability tests with these individuals, as well as more longitudinally analyzing the types of applications that participants develop for themselves and their community.