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Office of Research Administration

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The Office of Research Administration in IST supports and assists in development of proposals, procedures for processing proposals and awards, and administers post-award administration actions  that promotes research activities which are culturally current, socially responsible, and scientifically grounded while utilizing cutting edge technology. IST faculty must submit all proposals and awards through our office. Penn State requires that all proposals receive institutional approval prior to formal submission. We believe that research practice required breadth and in-depth experience utilizing the interdisciplinary fundamentals of multiple perspectives, approaching complex problems through different channels while using the appropriate tools.

Award Lifecycle

For internal/external resources and funding opportunities for supporting your research.

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All proposals, contracts and agreements MUST be routed through appropriate University channels. The Office of Research Administration has final signature authority on all extramural support grants, contracts and agreements.

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As the Principal Investigator, you are responsible for ensuring that your sponsored research projects(s) meet any and all allowability of costs, allocability of costs, and reasonableness of costs. You should monitor expenditures, sub-agreements, award notifications, invoicing, and financial reporting.

  • myResearch – A portal that provides Principal Investigators with real-time, web-based access to administrative data associated with their sponsored research.
  • Research Accounting Office – A Penn State office that serves the needs of both the research departments and the sponsoring agencies.
  • Research At Penn State – This site provides you information on financial management and non-financial issues.

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Award closeouts generally require that a series of final reports be submitted to the project’s sponsor. It is essential that these be prepared and sent on time. The terms and conditions of the award will specify what should be sent, when and to whom.

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