IST Research Talks: “Exploring and Enhancing Transparency and Explainability of Consumer-Facing Health Technology”

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
E202 Westgate Building

Join Xinning Gui, assistant professor, for an IST Research Talk titled "Exploring and Enhancing Transparency and Explainability of Consumer-Facing Health Technology."

Today, many consumer-facing health technologies—increasingly powered by artificial intelligence—can enhance health consumers’ information seeking and decision making. However, in the high-stakes domain of health care, such technologies are usually severely lacking in transparency, potentially leading to severe medical consequences that range from anxiety and delayed care to mortality.

Gui’s research uses a human-centered design approach to address this challenge, combining insights from both explanation design that enhances system transparency and interaction design that balances user agency and system affordances. Drawing from her recent project on symptom checkers—a popular class of consumer-facing health technology—Gui will present her group’s human-centered design approach to exploring and enhancing transparency and explainability of symptom checkers. She will conclude the talk by reflecting on implications for designing better consumer-facing health technologies and how she plans to advance this goal in her future research.