Leadership in Contemporary Times

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Presenter:  Duane "Andy" Gustafson, Associate Professor of Leadership Communication

Covid-19 changed the world for all of us in so many ways, and perhaps most impacted was how work was upended and redefined in just a few short months. Even though vaccines have become available and we are starting to see life and work move back toward something resembling a pre-covid life—we are all adjusting the “new normal” of an evolving Covid-19 work world. At the same time, younger generations are entering the workforce at a growing pace. These younger generations are of a culture that is not exactly like generations preceding them. They bring a different set of values, skills, and expectations that pose opportunities and challenges that are unique. Leading older and younger generations in this “new normal” is nothing short of challenging. In this webinar, Dr. Gustafson will highlight several of the challenges present in today’s work world and take a look at very practical and applied strategies for leading in contemporary times.