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Professor of Practice
E367 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-8520
Full Time Faculty and Professor, National Intelligence University, Washington D.C., 2002-2010
Adjunct Professor, National Intelligence University. Washington D.C., 2008-present
B.S., Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, Criminal Justice, 1979
Graduate, US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1992
M.A., Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, Business Management, 1992
M. Ed, Loyola University, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, Education, 2008
Harvard Business School, Kennedy School, Certificate in Leadership Decision Making (Oct 2017)
Harvard Business School, Kennedy School, Certificate in National and International Security (Dec 2016)

Mr. Parquette was formerly the Chairman of the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC) of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Mr. Parquette was full time faculty at the National Intelligence University (NIU) for thirteen years and currently at the National Intelligence Council (NIC) for the past 16 years. Mr. Parquette is a highly effective and proven senior leader with 40 years of decision-making, problem solving, and international operations experience with ever-increasing management responsibilities with a wealth of experience in Intelligence Community and DoD policy issues. Mr. Parquette has 22 years experience in strategic intelligence, denial and deception operations, planning, analysis, and collection as an operator, educator and senior policy advisor.  Mr. Parquette is well versed in the sources of foreign knowledge, adversarial reasoning, information security and management as it pertains to issues in the government and the of the Intelligence Community (IC).  Mr. Parquette has provided subject matter expertise in the areas of strategic intelligence, deception analysis, Foreign Denial & Deception (FDD), Military Deception, Information Operations (IO), Information Warfare (IW), and Strategic Planning for a variety of clients. Mr. Parquette is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with twenty-two years of active service and 22 years experience as a program manager in the United States Government (USG).  He was successful in negotiating numerous complex operational problems using a combination of technical and interpersonal skills.  Mr. Parquette has a clear understanding of the functions of the Intelligence Community (IC).  He has personal living and working experience in several European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. 

Professional Affiliations

  • National Intelligence University (NIU) Foundation, 2004-Present 
  • Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs, 2002-Present 
  • American Society of Training Development (ASTD), 1990-Present
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), 1996-Present
  • Field Artillery Association, 1979-Present
  • 82nd Airborne Division Association, 1980-Present

Military Experience

  • Date of Service: June 1979 – June 2001, Army
  • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel 
  • Last Award: Legion of Merit
  • Units (Last 10 yrs): 3rd Armored Division (Gulf War); TRADOC Analysis Command (TRAC); 2nd Armored Division; HQ III Corps; Army DCSOPS, Pentagon
  • Units (1979-1989): 82nd Airborne Division, 1st Armored Division
Research Keywords
Strategic Deception
National Intelligence
National Security
Government and Policy