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Office of the Associate Dean for Research

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The mission of the office of the Associate Dean for Research is to establish and maintain the infrastructure to help every IST faculty member succeed in identifying, pursuing, winning and managing research grants. Assistance is provided to train faculty and students in proposal development and project management. Roles and activities include the following:

  • Management of the IST research programs
  • Interface with the Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Support the identification, pursuit, and submission of research grants and contracts
  • Insure compliance with Penn State and sponsor requirements and regulations (e.g., contractual requirements, intellectual property, ITARS, etc.)
  • Assist the acquisition and management of research facilities, tools, and equipment
  • Develop training materials and tools for research acquisition and administration
  • Provide faculty guidance and support
  • Develop and manage the research laboratories, facilities, and Centers within IST.

Research Funding

The office of the Associate Dean for Research assists faculty members in obtaining research funding to support graduate students, summer salaries, research facilities, and funding for travel to research conferences.  The funding for IST research spans a broad range of public and private sponsors including the U. S. government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, companies, and granting agencies.



Prasenjit Mitra

Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

E397G Westgate Building

(814) 865-2379


Prasenjit Mitra

Tracy Ray

Proposal & Award Generalist, Research

E303 Westgate Building

(814) 863-8835


Tracy Ray

Carey Stover

Grants & Contracts Manager, Research

E308 Westgate Building

(814) 863-6801


Carey Stover