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Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement

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E101 Westgate Building
(814) 865-4509

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IST Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement is here to help you prepare for, and maximize, your internship and job opportunities and any other post-graduate plans you may have coming your way. Our services include:

  • Internship and professional placement opportunities
  • Executive mentoring
  • Corporate information sessions
  • Professional etiquette seminars
  • Corporate day trips
  • Interview preparation
  • Comprehensive job search tools
  • Corporate networking events
  • A student-led career assistance team
  • Career solutions workshops

IST and SRA students have access to Compass, a job posting system that allows students to search for internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs as well as scheduling interviews, learning about events, and registration for events or field trips.

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Zoe Meyer


(814) 865-4509
Brianne Lippert Brianne Lippert


Rita Griffith Rita Griffith


(814) 865-4509
Shelly Kachik Shelly Kachik


(814) 865-4509