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Office of the Dean

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The Dean's Office at IST oversees all functions of the college, working closely with the University and IST's faculty, staff, students, partners, and alumni. In all activities, we promote IST's core values of respect and diversity and underscore the college's mission:

We seek to improve the lives of people in Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world through integrated, high-quality programs in teaching, research, and outreach in the disciplines of the information sciences and technology. The college will be an intellectual community of scholars and students that excels in providing an environment for learning and conducting world-class research focused on the integration of people, information, and technology.

Contact: E397 Westgate Building; (814) 865-3528

Faculty and Staff
Image Name Title(s) Contact
Andrew Sears Andrew Sears


(814) 865-3528
Allie Baurer


Karen Brewster Karen Brewster


(814) 865-3528
Desiree Donaldson


Kathy Wiest


(814) 863-8833