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Offices & Centers

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Behind all of IST's research, education, and services are its people. IST is a diverse and cohesive community of world-class educators and researchers; corporate and academic partners; dedicated professionals; and thousands of engaged and talented students statewide. What makes this community work is the value we place on integrity, professionalism, diversity, and respect for individuals.

Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology

E397 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802 - 6823
(814) 865-8947

Directions to Westgate Building

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Office of the Dean

E397 Westgate Building

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Office of Research

E305 Westgate Building

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Office of Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

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Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement
E101 Westgate Building
(814) 865-4509

Graduate Programs
E103 Westgate Building
(814) 867-5787

Inclusion and Diversity Engagement
E127 Westgate Building
(814) 865-0077

Academic Affairs
E104 Westgate Building
(814) 867-4039

Undergraduate Academic Advising
E101 Westgate Building
(814) 865-8947

Undergraduate Recruiting
E124 Westgate Building
(866) 225-8707

Office of Online and Professional Education

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Learning Design
E156 Westgate Building
(814) 865-6018

Education Strategy and Planning
E147 Westgate Building
(814) 865-0053

Information Technology
E159 Westgate Building
(814) 863-8803

Office of Communications and Marketing

E385 Westgate Building
(814) 865-6675

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Office of Development and Alumni Relations

E106 Westgate Building
(814) 865-6459

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Office of Events

E376 Westgate Building
(814) 865-0021

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Office of Facilities

E397 Westgate Building
(814) 865-6422

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Office of Finance and Business Services

E304 Westgate Building

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Office of Human Resources

E397 Westgate Building
(814) 865-8173

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