Nasim Motalebi PhD Candidate at IST | College of Information Sciences and Technology
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Nasim Motalebi, PhD Candidate at IST

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  • IST Ph.D. Student (Adviser: Saeed Abdullah, Cohort Fall 2017)

  • Master of Science in Architecture from Penn State Stuckeman School of Architecture

  • Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from University of Tehran


I am currently a PhD Candidate of Informatics at the Pennsylvania State University and a member of Wellbeing and Health Innovation Lab (WHI-LAB) advised by Saeed Abdullah, In my research, I deploy user-centered methods to evaluate, revise, and design technologies to support human needs on cognitive, psychological, and behavioral levels. You can find more our lab at:
I also have a background in Architecture and Computational Design which now compliments my work in developing technological interfaces that are not only usable, but augment user experience. In this respect, my design work has focused on the design and implementation of spatial embodied interactions through computational work; spaces that can respond to human behavior.

Research Interests:

Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience Research and Design