Photo of Nasim Motalebi

Ph.D. Candidate

IST Ph.D. Student
Graduate Adviser
Carleen Maitland
Graduate Cohort
M.S., Architecture from Penn State Stuckeman School of Architecture
B.S., Architectural Engineering from University of Tehran
M.S., Informatics from Penn State College of IST

Nasim is a human-centered design researcher. She is particularly invested in the critical analysis and design of technologies that could improve the lives of crises affected populations. COVID-19, climate change, circumstances of conflict, war, and failing economies have forced more people into displacement and exacerbated socio-economic conditions for the crises-affected populations. A human-centered approach ensures technologies and data are inclusive and facilitates evidence-based decision-making among humanitarian and development organizations in response to situations of crisis.  

Her interest in a human-center approach is rooted in her background in architecture and design; in which understanding needs, values, and experiences are central. Born in Tehran, Iran, her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering has helped her meet communities and promote community practices in urban and rural development. She has also incorporated her human-centered approach in architecture to translate humanistic qualities to digital design and computation systems in different scales and scenarios. 

Research Interests

Social and Organizational Informatics, Human-Centered Design, Human-Computer Interaction

Research Keywords
Human-Centered Design
Social Informatics
Forced Migration