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Saeed Abdullah

Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

E329 Westgate Building

(814) 867-0270

Laura Adams

Assistant Director, Academic Services Operations

E105 Westgate Building

(814) 867-6103

Part-time Adjunct Instructor

Iyadunni Adenuga

IST Ph.D. Student (Adviser: Benjamin Hanrahan, Cohort: Fall 2018)

Susan Agee

Director of Academic Advising

E103 Westgate Building

(814) 865-8947

Part-time Adjunct Instructor

Assistant Teaching Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

E389A Westgate Building

(814) 865-9120

Christian Alves

IT Consultant, Information Technology

E159 Westgate Building

(814) 867-6069

Priya Anand

IST Ph.D. Student (Adviser: Jungwoo Ryoo, Co-Adviser: Madhu Reddy, Cohort: Fall 2013)

Chulakorn Aritajati

IST Ph.D. Student (Adviser: Mary Beth Rosson, Cohort: Fall 2013)

William Aurite

IST Ph.D. Student (Adviser: Andrea Tapia, Cohort: Fall 2017)