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Yasser El-Manzalawy

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Yasser Elmanzalawi
  • Assistant Research Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

E379 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802

Yasser's research interests aim at analyzing, understanding, and making sense of (big) data in life and health sciences. His research is targeted towards: i) deciphering the underlying mechanisms controlling different types of macromolecular interactions; ii) developing innovative algorithms and tools for enabling and promoting data-intensive, collaborative, and translational research in precision medicine, microbiome research, and health informatics; iii) developing and applying integrative informatics methodologies to enable and accelerate translational science. 

A common theme of Yasser's previous research in bioinformatics is the development of machine learning based tools and methods for improving our understanding of different types of macromolecular interactions including: antibody-antigen recognition; major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-restricted antigen recognition; protein-protein interactions; protein-nucleic acid interactions; and promoter recognition by RNA polymerase. 

Yasser's ongoing and future research entail the development of more sophisticated, integrative, and longitudinal algorithms, frameworks, and analyses of biomedical and health data. 

Research Keywords:

  • Applied machine learning
  • Multi-omics data integration
  • Metagenomics
  • mHealth
  • Immunoinformatics