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Stan Aungst

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Stanley Aungst
  • Senior Lecturer of Information Sciences and Technology

104K Information Sciences and Technology Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 777-4521

Dr. Stan Aungst, B.A., B.A., M.A., M.B.A., Ph.d. is a senior lecturer for Security and Risk Analysis and Senior Research Associate for the Network-Centric Cognition and Information Fusion Center at Penn State University. Dr. Aungst has been working in the computing area for the last 40+ years and has held positions as an assistant professor of MIS and IST, database administrator, mathematical programmer, software engineer and project manager.

Recently, as a senior research associate and project manager at Penn State University, Dr. Aungst and his undergraduate teams have researched, designed, and programmed handheld and tablet devices for Secure E2E Mobile Identity Management and the seamless integration of IP Networks and Cellular Networks.

Dr. Aungst’s team has presented to several industry partners and to General Michael Hayden, the former director of NSA and CIA, on Secure COTS System for Situational Awareness (SA) and Common Operating Picture (COP), which connects to a centralized database for analysis, information fusion, and decision support for the battlefield or disaster area management decision making.

Dr. Aungst has been the champion of many projects at Penn State including the implementation of the Oracle database in the Smeal College of Business, which included curriculum design, implementation, and teaching in the MSIS database course. The same leadership was further implemented to Penn State Behrends MIS curriculum.

Dr.Aungst also was one of the champions and presently a senior member for the SAP Enterprise Resource Management (ERP software) for the College of Engineering and College of Business and taught one of the first classes at Penn State University in supply chain management and ERP implementation. Dr. Aungst has held academic positions in the College of Engineering, Smeal College of Business, Behrend College of Business, and the College of IST. Since Sept.11 of 2001, Dr. Aungst has returned to teaching and research in the area of network security and cryptography in the SRA major in the College of IST.

Dr. Aungst has published in engineering and business journals including book chapters in Industrial Marketing and Engineering on Mutisensor Data Fusion. He has given numerous conference presentations including a workshop at Johns Hopkins Medical Hospital on Secure computing for HIPPA compliance. For ten years, until the acquisition of Certicom by RIM, Dr. Aungst collaborated on research work with Certicom, the leader in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) with the selection of the most efficient and strong encryption for mobile devices. Certicom still has 25 licensed patents with NSA.

Dr. Aungst’s most recent work with his colleagues and students is in the use of Serious Games in the classroom to teach counterinsurgency. Dr. Aungst was a telecommunications and field cryptographer for information operations, which includes data and voice encryption and sensor technology deployment during the Vietnam War (1966-69). Dr. Aungst still continues to participate with the U.S. Army in DFX’s.